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Standard For Food Packaging Metering Inspection
- Jul 25, 2017 -

From the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau was informed that, in line with the "restrictions on excessive packaging requirements of goods - food and cosmetics," GB, "food and cosmetics packaging measurement inspection rules" (hereinafter referred to as "rules") was formally implemented this month, the rule aims In order to identify food and cosmetics over-packaging standards to provide the basis for testing, which also marks the formal packaging of food and cosmetics into the regulatory areas of excessive packaging.

It is understood that the "rules" of food and cosmetic packaging measurement test content has made clear requirements. In addition to food packaging limit limit requirements are limited to 2 layers and below, other food and cosmetics packaging limit number of layers are limited to 3 layers and below; packaging porosity is required to drink wine ≤ 55%, cakes <60% , Food ≤ 10%, health food ≤ 50%, cosmetics ≤ 50%, other food ≤ 45%; requirements of food and cosmetics in addition to the initial packaging of all packaging costs should not exceed the sum of 20% of the sales price of goods. In the inspection process, food and cosmetics packaging, those who exceed the above three limit requirements of any one is excessive packaging.