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How Does Cosmetic Packaging Detect?
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Cosmetics as today's fashion consumer goods, not only need to fine packaging, but also in the transport links or shelf life of the product to implement the best protection. As a well-known domestic testing equipment and testing service providers, is a combination of cosmetic packaging testing and application requirements, the test items and test methods for a simple summary, with a view to the cosmetics manufacturers and cosmetics packaging suppliers in the packaging inspection and quality control to help A hand.

First, cosmetics transport packaging testing

Cosmetics after transport, shelves and other aspects of the show to reach the hands of consumers, you need to have a good transport packaging. At present, the main packaging of cosmetics is mainly corrugated box, the main test indicator is the compressive strength of the carton and stacking test.

1, carton compressive strength test: Here to model ZB-KY carton compression testing machine for the corresponding introduction. Test the corrugated box placed in the ZB-KY carton compression test machine between the two plates, set the compression speed, start the test pressure to the carton crushing pressure is the carton pressure strength, with KN said. Be sure to note that the preload value (typically 220N) is set in accordance with the test standards. Zhongbao Testing Equipment Co., Ltd

2, carton stacking test

Carton in the storage and transportation process need to stack placed in the lowest level of the carton to bear the upper number of cartons pressure, in order not to collapse, must be stacked after the appropriate compressive strength, so the stacking and maximum pressure It is important to test the double force. ZB-KY built-in stacking test function, can be directly given the results of stacking test.