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Cosmetics Packaging Development Modernization
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Development to today, the packaging of modern cosmetics in the packaging materials and containers of choice, structural design and decoration design has formed the following four characteristics:

First, the use of plastic materials and composite materials in the packaging of cosmetics is growing, packaging containers, especially plastic bottles tend to diversify the design. On the contrary, the use of glass bottles are limited, only perfume until the high-end cosmetics or easy to lose the fragrance of cosmetics or glass bottles for packaging.

Second, cosmetic packaging bottle specifications diversification. In order to meet different needs, the size of the packaging container capacity diversified to facilitate the choice of consumers.

Third, the cosmetics packaging design series. Usually the trademark logo and text font unity, and to different tones, watermarks or different shapes of different varieties of different structures.

Fourth, cosmetics packaging containers more and more to adapt to the needs of personalized development. Manufacturers are often from the gender, age, geographical, ethnic and other aspects of focus, for different groups of aesthetic taste and cosmetics for different packaging.