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Glass bottles should be recycled or reused
- Jul 25, 2017 -

At present all the packaging is facing a problem that is the use of post-processing problems. Everyone knows the 3R principle, that is, reduction, reuse, recycling, but for glass bottles, the recovery problem is clearly far greater than the advantages of re-use. Recycled glass bottles consume less energy than raw materials for new glass bottles. According to the glass bottle packaging Institute of data, about 10% of the glass bottles are recycled and re-used in processing, can help save 2-3% of energy consumption, glass recycling is also conducive to saving resources and reduce pollution.

However, the repeated use of glass bottles can save a great deal of cost savings, as long as the glass bottles can be re-entered into the packaging process, do not need to crush, dissolve and reprocessing molding. Whether the choice of recycling or re-use, consider the cost and benefit factors, such as:

First, the local packaging material recovery is good

Second, whether the need for a deposit glass to increase the reuse rate

Third, the beverage bottle manufacturers whether the sale of plants near the plant to repeat the filling, if the glass bottles need long-distance transport, the cost is unreasonable

Fourth, whether the retailer is willing to accept the requirements of re-use

5. Whether the beverage manufacturer uses the standard bottle, whether the government has any relevant coercive measures

To sum up, we have to consider the cost of the problem, but also take into account the reaction of consumers, government policies, manufacturers attitude and other links. From a holistic point of view, the repeated use of glass bottles is the most economical packaging method, even cheaper than cheap cartons, and non-reusable glass bottles are the most expensive types of all packaging.