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What items are selected for brown glass jars
- Jul 25, 2017 -

In our lives there are many kinds of packaging materials, glass packaging which is the most popular consumer, which has its own advantages with the glass bottle is inseparable, in which brown glass bottles in the glass packaging materials stand out, then what glass Bottle selection of brown glass bottle dress it? Let Xiaobian let us give you a few examples below it

Wine bottles choose brown glass bottles, brown bottles can be customized according to user requirements, high-quality brown glass bottles have been very high consumer evaluation, brown wine bottle design novel, bottle variety, quality, reasonable price, good finish , The quality of brown bottles also received the recognition of the business community.

Brown health care bottle suitable for capsules, tablets and other solid products, clothing, health care products, glass bottles clean and smooth, no bubbles and no flaws, the material for the medicinal soda lime glass, to meet the product transport and storage needs, quality in line with national standards.

Brown glass bottles of good chemical stability, suitable for dressing a lot of items, especially see the light easily decomposed drugs selected brown glass bottle.