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Try to choose glass bottles as food packaging
- Jul 25, 2017 -

At present, the glass bottles in the packaging container market is a relatively good product sales, material and quality is one of the best, its chemical stability is better, there are acid and alkali corrosion resistance characteristics, can be said to be defeated Other materials, but the glass used to hold food is different from the glass used to hold other substances, which is why, let's talk about the following.

First, because the chemical stability of other packaging containers are not as good as the chemical stability of glass bottles, and food is different from other products, it is edible products, if the quality of food products will lead directly to the safety of consumers, Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended to choose glass bottles as food packaging.

Second, the glass bottle sealing is better, if the choice of other materials as a packaging container, the sealing is not as good as glass bottles, the product will appear leakage and breathable phenomenon, the food will be no protection, deterioration, Has not yet reached the shelf life of the phenomenon of expired, and manufacturers of the same reputation will be affected.

Third, the glass bottle not only presents a high-end atmosphere on the grade of the feeling, and high transparency, you can clearly see the situation and characteristics of the stuff. Used to dress food, can attract the eye, on the shelves can be found at one glance, but also in the design of the people in line with the needs of everyone's recognition.