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The most suitable as a cream bottle packaging material
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Cream bottle material can have a variety of: plastic, PET, glass, hose, metal what are. The manufacturer puts the cream into the bottles of different materials, and the consumer does not know how the chemical reaction will occur between the cosmetic and the bottle, or dilutes the harmful substances on the skin.

Cream bottles and quality, health, safety, preservation is closely related to consumers in the purchase of cream, in addition to appreciate the cream bottle of aesthetics and creativity, but also need to consider the cream bottle material and preservation methods.

The most common cream bottle packaging materials are mainly plastic, glass and metal. Although the plastic material, although plasticity, transportation, and weight have an advantage, but the plastic in the heat insulation, cleaning and solvent-resistant type are poor, plastic material is not suitable for cream bottle.

Metal material in the molding on the restrictions, containers and more to the cylinder, jars mainly cream cream to the majority of pure grease, most of the time used as a bottle cap, bottle and other accessories to use.