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The market prospect of medicinal glass bottles
- Jul 25, 2017 -

With the development of the market, as well as pharmaceutical glass bottles manufacturers increased year by year, the domestic competitive glass bottles of intense competition, profits are declining, open up the domestic market of medicinal glass bottles is clearly our pharmaceutical glass manufacturers must go a road.

Most of the medicinal glass bottles are the energy spent on the domestic packaging market, for the domestic pharmaceutical glass foreign trade market, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical glass bottle business almost no time scruples, for the pharmaceutical glass manufacturers, in these traditions Of the field of packaging and competition with the industry to consolidate the market at the same time, if you can open up some of the other industry competitors are not pay attention to the market, obviously with the development of enterprises is very favorable.

For the manufacturer of medicinal glass bottles, the first must have the relevant qualifications, qualification and medicinal glass bottle manufacturers is fatal, there is no qualification is no sales prospects, so the use of medicinal glass bottles in the plant to be strict According to the provisions of the state to build, and then by the relevant inspection departments to check after passing, will be issued to qualify, the qualification is very difficult to issue, requiring the workshop to purify the 100,000, Botou Lin are medicinal packaging limited The company set up from 1999, over the years my company has always been innovative efforts to develop new bottle type, is also a number of well-known domestic enterprises and reached a perennial cooperation by the majority of new and old customers trust, welcomed the need for medicinal glass bottles Of the manufacturers to visit the factory.