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Plastic bottles are still the main force
- Jul 25, 2017 -

As many years of packaging "headed flower", plastic bottles will still be in the future of cosmetics packaging materials occupy an important position. The strength of the plastic, the light weight and the fragmentation are always the advantages of plastic containers. Not only that, a wide variety of plastic packaging designs can be realized and implemented in a very short time. These characteristics make the plastic in the packaging of cosmetics In an invincible position.


PET bottles, the main application of the range of focus on skin care products, shower gel and cosmetics. For some products, PET bottles are the ideal packaging material. Plastic easy to handle, can be designed into many fashion, transparent classic products. In addition, PET bottle soft touch, the surface can be a variety of decorating treatment, which in the packaging material is the only one. Today, PET plastic applications more and more widely, in the future prospects of cosmetic packaging will be broader.