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Medicinal glass bottles in the form of packaging
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Medicinal glass bottles are usually in the form of two kinds of packaging, one is decorated with corrugated boxes of ordinary packaging, the other is the use of PVC or PE film shrink packaging, in addition to a small amount of tray packaging. From the protection of the degree of product and cleanliness requirements, the quality of heat shrink packaging and pallet packaging is much better than ordinary carton packaging. Now developed into PE film heat shrink into the carton, clean and sanitary, can be sterile packaging, which is the future direction of development of medicinal glass bottles.

Domestic medicinal glass bottles or follow the basic manual packaging and thermal film packaging form, the main equipment for the baler and infrared heaters, etc., foreign similar products are basically used on-line automatic detection, automatic packaging, in addition to reducing a lot of manpower, Reduce the labor intensity, the more important is the automatic detection of packaging production line can effectively complete the removal of nonconforming products to ensure the stability and consistency of the product, but also greatly improve the labor productivity.