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How can the innovation of glass bottles meet the needs of the market?
- Jul 25, 2017 -

In our lives, glass bottles are widely used, including capsules, chemical reagents, health care products will choose medicinal glass bottles, medicinal glass bottles complete specifications, bottle variety, to meet the different needs of customers, but we should also be based on Customers with different needs, and constantly innovate a new bottle type, then the innovation of medicinal glass bottles in order to meet the needs of the market?

First of all want to make our glass bottles meet the needs of the market, we must develop according to customer needs to develop a new bottle type, which we have to seek truth from facts, a lot of old customers to seek advice and suggestions. According to the customer's situation continue to improve, and then we will design a new style of medicinal glass packaging containers, only medicinal glass bottles have characteristics, personality to attract the attention of consumers.

Second, the glass bottle is a direct contact with the product packaging containers, our production of medicinal glass bottles used in the packaging of various types of pharmaceutical packaging containers, with the drug should be between the good compatibility to ensure that some substances have a chemical reaction caused by drugs The deterioration of the failure. This requires us to improve the quality of glass production, for the production of high-quality medicinal glass bottles.

Finally Xiaobian that the lid of medicinal glass bottles we should also improve the production, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of the lid, and then the lid of the seal.

We have to improve the processing of medicinal glass bottles according to market demand, only the continuous improvement of innovative glass bottles to win the consumer's welcome.