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Essential oil bottle packaging to be improved and standardized
- Jul 25, 2017 -

In these years, the people who use essential oils are getting more and more. However, the domestic oil market is still not standardized, there is still a great distance from the popularity. Domestic essential oil is mainly located in the high-end, the price is higher, more than a lot of people accept the force. The same as the popularity is not high, coupled with the lack of norms of the market, the domestic oil bottle packaging from the logo to the bottle are very irregular. In fact, essential oils are different from the general cosmetics, the use of a lot of requirements, otherwise it will endanger people's health. So standard oil bottle logo, regulate the oil bottle packaging is very important and urgent.

At the same time, the current market promotion of essential oils is mainly aimed at beauty salons, with the future as the main consumer of essential oils, essential oil bottle packaging to be more from the perspective of individual consumers to produce design. With the interest of the domestic market, domestic oil will gradually rise, for domestic oil essential oil bottle packaging should be more reflect the national elements.

At present, the domestic oil bottle packaging also exists in this many problems, I hope the oil bottle manufacturers to learn some experience in foreign oil bottle design, to promote the packaging more standardized.